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  2. Interesting new look... mandonese.... now Chinese Parents.. 😄

    Has been a while since I've been here. How's everyone? How are you Andrew?

  3. Is this still available? I had access to the private video library after contributing some video. Logged in for the first time for a while, saw a new website and lost access to it. The original dropbox folder was gone as well.
  4. Interesting new look... mandonese.... now Chinese Parents.. 😄

  5. Calvin W

    Hello Markham!

    :D It's not that unusual... I drop by once in a while as well.. Jan 4.. March 28... to Jan 4th again... coincidence... actually, I didn't see the post... earlier... maybe I should watch it.. or you can simply PM me as well.. like you said, life is busy! work as well... ugh. I'm planning to head over to HK this year... but we'll see... depends on cost of travel really.. flight is expensive... if I can get something near 600 pp then it'll be "acceptable" :D I was also planning to put them into some part time school, I'm sure there must be something there, but we'll see..
  6. Hi! Just wondering whether this video library is still active? I sent a PM about a month ago but haven't received a response. Can any other moderators provide access? Many thanks!
  7. Hi! I would like access to the library please, for the Cantonese dubs of Star Wars. :-)
  8. Hi Guys A while ago we had a drop box which we could all access and contribute. The link provided no longer works. Anyone have any ideas on where to download new shows? Thanks Oneiricer
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