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  1. Is this still available? I had access to the private video library after contributing some video. Logged in for the first time for a while, saw a new website and lost access to it. The original dropbox folder was gone as well.
  2. try this http://tvpadtalk.com/3/2/page=1/_subject_
  3. CherylM


    in cantonese, find the odd one out: 揾唔同嗰個 join the dot to dot starting from one to ten:連線(一到十) i spy with my little eye: unsure 偷睇??
  4. CherylM

    巧虎 for younger children

    thanks, actually found the price list for different countries under Q&A
  5. CherylM

    Introduce yourself! 介紹自己!

    Hi, I'm Australian. Good to see another here!
  6. CherylM

    巧虎 for younger children

    subscription form only accept HK address for delivery it seems :(
  7. CherylM


    they have multiple languages(including both mandarin and cantonese), but we only ordered Cantonese I think they are all the same content with different languages
  8. CherylM


    no idea but ordered it a week ago (haven't got it yet), the sample lesson looks good, but then its probably too short to tell. Will post something after I watched it
  9. CherylM

    Introduce yourself! 介紹自己!

    Hi all, Just came across this website a few days ago and love it. I grew up in Hong Kong (native cantonese speaker, can understand mandarin but too shy to speak) and migrated to Australia 10 years ago. We don't have children yet and expecting our first boy in Feb next year, who will be chinese/australian mixed. I would like to teach him cantonese to communicate with my side of the family. Thus, I've started to look for cantonese kid stuff.

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