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  1. Friend shared this really cute list of nursery rhymes on Youtube in Mandarin: children were really engaged because of the cute animations
  2. hey Baggio, thanks for replying and explaining. It's really good of you. What would be good to see on the website, just an idea of course, are words/phrases specific to Canto like 黑媽媽 etc. I know there's a lot but I dont always get it and when to use them. Hope that makes sense
  3. raichu

    Introduce yourself! 介紹自己!

    Hi Eddie, maybe you can start a new thread or something. I'm sure many others would be interested and then we can ask you questions? How much do you charge? Are you in the US?
  4. Hello Baggio, what a great website. thanks for sharing the link to your page. Is it possible for you to explain the 'lazy' n-l sound as in i hear some people say nei and others say lei.
  5. raichu

    Chinese food recipes

    making cake instructions in spoken and subs in written Chinese.
  6. I agree, this brings back a lot of memories for me too! This is such a great post and very detailed. I would say wait until your two year old is a bit older and take it at his/her pace.
  7. I wouldn't recommend that class for complete beginners unless you fully support them with the learning at home and speak some Chinese at home with them. Like someone mentioned earlier there's lots of PlayCantonese groups in London which are more fun and better for beginners
  8. raichu

    Just had a baby!

    And I thought you were ignoring me! She is beautiful, huge congratulations!! Keep up the amazing work with this website
  9. raichu

    Cantonese/Mandarin audio books

    i bought these from Greenfield: http://www.greenfieldhk.com/reading_meeting.php comes with audio cds in Canto and Mandarin. Expensive but worth it! Children really enjoy reading and listening to them
  10. raichu

    Introduce yourself! 介紹自己!

    Amazing to see so many new people here and watch this grow! Good luck to everyone and hopefully we can share and learn from each other in this community. I remember when I went to Chinese school back in my days, my parents had to drive one hour every Sunday morning... I didn't like it back then and even hated it but it has helped a lot for me to be able to past on the language, if not a lot, a little to the children :)
  11. raichu

    Chinese food recipes

    Do you have any links to this? What foods do they cook? need to brush up on cooking skills :D
  12. Interesting and thanks for sharing. I'm really thankful that you have made this website and a community here where people can access resources easily. It's not as easy in our household as we speak English to each other and little one's little ears pick it up and respond to us in English and when I demand that all replies are in Chinese, I just get tantrums. How do you make it to fun games with rewards and punishments. It is such a struggle but good to know that i'm not the only one
  13. Hi there, can anyone point me in the right direction of any books, cartoons, pdfs, websites, yputube videos etc of traditional fairy tales translated into Chinese? For example Jack and the Bean stalk, Hansel and Gretel etc? So far I can only seem to find Three little pigs and that is getting a bit too boring. I would like to exposure the little one to more of the 'western' fairy tales and nice to expand my Chinese vocab a bit too in being able to try and tell these common well known stories in a different language!
  14. there are mainly books there, a couple of worksheets on Chinese New Year, Autumn Festival, audio books, games and some flashcards for those who are interested.
  15. raichu

    Peppa Pig in Cantonese

    right, who's going to get those next Peppa pigs to share :D

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