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  1. Interesting new look... mandonese.... now Chinese Parents.. 😄

    Has been a while since I've been here. How's everyone? How are you Andrew?

  2. Interesting new look... mandonese.... now Chinese Parents.. 😄

  3. Calvin W

    Hello Markham!

    :D It's not that unusual... I drop by once in a while as well.. Jan 4.. March 28... to Jan 4th again... coincidence... actually, I didn't see the post... earlier... maybe I should watch it.. or you can simply PM me as well.. like you said, life is busy! work as well... ugh. I'm planning to head over to HK this year... but we'll see... depends on cost of travel really.. flight is expensive... if I can get something near 600 pp then it'll be "acceptable" :D I was also planning to put them into some part time school, I'm sure there must be something there, but we'll see..
  4. Calvin W

    Learning Mandarin

    Traditional = Hong Kong (Cantonese) & Taiwan (Mandarin) Simplified = Mainland China (Mandarin) My take is - go to a class; you need to immerse yourself and make sure you talk to people in the language.
  5. Calvin W

    Hello Markham!

    Looks like I'm the only one here again :-/ Oh well. :-D
  6. Calvin W

    Request: Duck Tales in Cantonese

    http://www.movietai.com/remendongman/119774/ seems to have it, but I don't think I have the player...
  7. RSS Player. This appears to have a lot of Cantonese and other shows. Pretty good. IMO replaces the vChannel that I used to use. Seems to be more stable too. Download it on Google Play - search RSS Player see the instructions here at irss {dot} se
  8. It said: MyTV is now closed. Goto MyTV SUPER. From today to May 16 there was a 1 month free trial.
  9. What I find is really helpful is that you can cut and paste a sentence in the dictionary and it pulls each word up with it's meaning and pronunciation in both Mandarin & Cantonese - even google can't do that (at the moment at least)
  10. Calvin W

    baby signing time in chinese / cantonese

    Link is dead.
  11. Calvin W

    Hello Markham!

    Yeah, I'm not sure if it's the same curriculum. It's about the same price... I recall it was about $20. We ended up moving him to Saturday school at Yip's instead just because they have both Cantonese in the morning and conversational Mandarin afterwards... which runs from 9:30 till 12:45 and give us time to do shopping etc.
  12. Calvin W

    Cantonese Dictionary

    So I tried Pleco. Not bad at all. Would almost consider buying it. For $4 though, mines is cheaper. :D
  13. Calvin W

    Cantonese Dictionary

    Ok.... I bought this (on google for <$4 CAD) and I thought it was pretty good. You need to buy it for the PRO version which has Cantonese; otherwise, it's only Mandarin. http://itranslatevoice.com/ the best part is that it can do Cantonese to Mandarin (or any other language) and vice versa... from English to Cantonese etc... a lot of languages. I wanted it for Cantonese specifically; and specifically the pronunciation. It does the translations of single and double words pretty well - and sentences so so from English to Chinese... worse from Chinese to English (it's also very literal)... but it's understandable... Still a good addition IMO for the Cantonese part and thought I'd share.
  14. Calvin W

    Hello Markham!

    Ironically - when I read your first paragraph; I was like - omg... that was me when my wife was in labor... and even this year, I had a back/shoulder spasm which made me unable to turn my head or move my body well.... I finally got over it the last 2 days... (it lasted for 2 weeks). As with lately with xmas holiday's, it's been super busy, so I totally understand how much you need to do. :D :D sure, that sounds like fun. PM me and we can figure something out.

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