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  1. Interesting new look... mandonese.... now Chinese Parents.. 😄

    Has been a while since I've been here. How's everyone? How are you Andrew?

  2. Interesting new look... mandonese.... now Chinese Parents.. 😄

  3. Calvin W

    Hello Markham!

    Well... I'm from the GTA... and of course, for those who are the early generation of immigrant Chinese people to Toronto, most of us speak Cantonese (most from HK or Canton). A lot has changed since China has relaxed travelling abroad. In terms of Cantonese materials and education, there is plenty that we take our kids to, but one of the better option is to goto YIP's Chinese Montessori school. The one in the Main Campus over at 14th Ave & Warden is very Cantonese based. They also have Saturday school available as well. Other option is to go to Saturday school at York Region Catholic District School Board - International Languages. For about $30 for the entire school term on the Saturday weekend for 2.5 hours - it's cheap! Anyways, if you need help, drop me a line.
  4. Calvin W

    Hello Markham!

    :D It's not that unusual... I drop by once in a while as well.. Jan 4.. March 28... to Jan 4th again... coincidence... actually, I didn't see the post... earlier... maybe I should watch it.. or you can simply PM me as well.. like you said, life is busy! work as well... ugh. I'm planning to head over to HK this year... but we'll see... depends on cost of travel really.. flight is expensive... if I can get something near 600 pp then it'll be "acceptable" :D I was also planning to put them into some part time school, I'm sure there must be something there, but we'll see..
  5. Calvin W

    Learning Mandarin

    Traditional = Hong Kong (Cantonese) & Taiwan (Mandarin) Simplified = Mainland China (Mandarin) My take is - go to a class; you need to immerse yourself and make sure you talk to people in the language.
  6. Calvin W

    Hello Markham!

    Looks like I'm the only one here again :-/ Oh well. :-D
  7. Calvin W

    Request: Duck Tales in Cantonese

    http://www.movietai.com/remendongman/119774/ seems to have it, but I don't think I have the player...
  8. RSS Player. This appears to have a lot of Cantonese and other shows. Pretty good. IMO replaces the vChannel that I used to use. Seems to be more stable too. Download it on Google Play - search RSS Player see the instructions here at irss {dot} se
  9. It said: MyTV is now closed. Goto MyTV SUPER. From today to May 16 there was a 1 month free trial.
  10. What I find is really helpful is that you can cut and paste a sentence in the dictionary and it pulls each word up with it's meaning and pronunciation in both Mandarin & Cantonese - even google can't do that (at the moment at least)
  11. Calvin W

    baby signing time in chinese / cantonese

    Link is dead.
  12. Calvin W

    Hello Markham!

    Yeah, I'm not sure if it's the same curriculum. It's about the same price... I recall it was about $20. We ended up moving him to Saturday school at Yip's instead just because they have both Cantonese in the morning and conversational Mandarin afterwards... which runs from 9:30 till 12:45 and give us time to do shopping etc.
  13. Calvin W

    Cantonese Dictionary

    So I tried Pleco. Not bad at all. Would almost consider buying it. For $4 though, mines is cheaper. :D
  14. Calvin W

    Cantonese Dictionary

    Ok.... I bought this (on google for <$4 CAD) and I thought it was pretty good. You need to buy it for the PRO version which has Cantonese; otherwise, it's only Mandarin. http://itranslatevoice.com/ the best part is that it can do Cantonese to Mandarin (or any other language) and vice versa... from English to Cantonese etc... a lot of languages. I wanted it for Cantonese specifically; and specifically the pronunciation. It does the translations of single and double words pretty well - and sentences so so from English to Chinese... worse from Chinese to English (it's also very literal)... but it's understandable... Still a good addition IMO for the Cantonese part and thought I'd share.
  15. Calvin W

    Hello Markham!

    Ironically - when I read your first paragraph; I was like - omg... that was me when my wife was in labor... and even this year, I had a back/shoulder spasm which made me unable to turn my head or move my body well.... I finally got over it the last 2 days... (it lasted for 2 weeks). As with lately with xmas holiday's, it's been super busy, so I totally understand how much you need to do. :D :D sure, that sounds like fun. PM me and we can figure something out.
  16. TF Boys is only in Mandarin. I haven't found a pop group for boys in Cantonese unfortunately. :'D So far, our son is doing ok in Chinese. We primarily speak to them in Cantonese and they are fine at it. There are some words that even I have to look up. Other than that, the Peppa pig Cantonese is pretty good that's posted here. PM Andrew (admin) or myself if you can't find it. The other option is radio and TVB
  17. Calvin W

    Hello Markham!

    do you want the other songs? I'm ok.. :D I've become a family man. but most people would say I'm nice - though selfish in my own ways. :D Well... on the driving portion - I guess there should be some compromise... I don't personally like Classical/Mandarin or whatever sometimes, but I still listen to it. :D though I totally understand the challenge.... I personally like pop music too... BUT..... I give it up when I'm with the kids... sacrifices... yeah... I know... I had wished my parents actually forced more on me.. it's in hindsight.. so I need to make sure my kids are forced :D I didn't know about the event... but I'm a believer in early childhood learning and it's impact to later stages in life. So you don't need to sell me it. :D I have a packed weekend/weeknight with the kids every day... every day there's homework or some activity (swimming, etc.) so it's always busy. This weekend was the first Saturday school and believe me, it was fairly busy. We ended up putting him at YIPs saturday school versus the Catholic International Languages because we find it harder and the latter easier... need to cram more now than later.. :D And since I get like 3 hours off - it's worth every penny. If there are other events, let me know... :D I don't mind networking..
  18. Calvin W

    Hello Markham!

    Ah... if your son likes music - then if your not already doing so, play chinese in the car! :D We put on MP3's of Cantonese/Mandarin & Instrumental... not sure if your interested, I've attached one of the songs. Let me know if you want the rest of it. :D I'm consistent - but given that I'm a "jook-sing" it is very hard... thank goodness for Google and www.mdbg.net (for the pronunciations). Totally agree that at this age, language is best picked up by the parents... how else can they speak their first few words? Still lucky you.. at least a reason to go.. :D I do.... but it would only to see the relatives and they don't need to see me every 3 years. =D 01 Track 1.zip
  19. Thanks! That's awesome!
  20. Illustrations, pictures, visuals all are important aspects. You need to speak to them constantly in Cantonese and point to things and say things multiple times. At that age, they'll pick it up. Flash cards with the objects would be good. Singing is very good... find some songs they might like. Youtube: "TF Boys" my son likes them.
  21. Calvin W

    Hello Markham!

    Hey Flo... Good for you, but oh well.. :D I guess you'll have a harder challenge... I already have a challenge as it is and I'm in a 'more' Chinese area. I'm from Canton - but grew up English and so my Mandarin is very poor. I'm trying to get him to learn both and at one point he was resisting Mandarin... but one thing I found helps a lot is singing. Youtube: "TF Boys" and some of the songs are pretty good. :D and he liked it... so he started get more involved. Lucky you had a chance to take your son to HK. The expense is prohibiting us from going - though I need him to go and see the world and realize he's only 1 of the many many many people out there that speaks Chinese vs in Toronto/GTA where it's used seldomly relative to HK. I do plan t take him there when he's older... say 8? I think he'll remember more then too. How are your friends? all english speaking?
  22. Calvin W

    Hello Markham!

    The HK parents came here knowing too much Chinese, so they want their kids to learn it.... us on the other hand, know too much English... and so we want our kids to learn Chinese. :D I think there needs to be a balance... but the reality is, there isn't enough Chinese regularly so we make sure there is. The world has a 15% Chinese population... and while Cantonese may not be 100% of that, it's the roots, popular and still Chinese. :D We do try to teach Mandarin too. Ah... daycare... yes... we were contemplating about that. Since the kids spend most of their time away from us, we wanted to have them goto a Chinese school. I'm in Markham, so there's a few to select from - though someone else referred us to Yips (their son was there) and it has been good. Our younger son is still there - will continue going there until graduation. Its expensive to put kids in Montessori (though Yips was average price) but we liked the program. Here's one of the performances that they've done - ; but that's just the choir; there's usually a few concerts; a few 朗誦 and some other events.. here's one from our friends (whom we met at the school) Where about's are you? N.York/Scarborough/Downtown/Markham?
  23. Calvin W

    Hello Markham!

    It's certainly hard; but yes, for someone who is JOOK SING I wanted to get to my roots..... having the school speak primarily in Cantonese does help. My son is almost 6.. and believe me, he's picking up a lot of english... but he knows a lot of chinese too as a result of our constant - Chinese only at home policy. He'll learn english fine here, but chinese will certainly be more difficult - there just isn't enough exposure. Our friends. speak both english/cantonese.... the school ones speak mainly cantonese, so it's actually a good group. If your not far from Markham, you should try Yips - the one at the main campus at Crown Steele ... the place itself is not too small/not too big (better than some places I've seen, and certainly worse than some others)... the teachers are good; and the program isn't bad either... the best part of it is actually the performances.
  24. Calvin W

    Hello Markham!

    I do speak Cantonese almost all the time -- I was also raised here; so my Cantonese is limited, but I use Google Translate and https://www.mdbg.net/chindict/chindict.php which can pronounce things in Cantonese. I also reinforce them to respond to me in Cantonese. I don't mix in English unless it's like "CN 塔" or something that is like a landmark/event... another one is CNE... which the kids want to goto. Even if I don't know what the word is, I'll look it up. Do I read Chinese books to them? I don't - I can't read as well; but my wife does. I do let them watch Cantonese cartoons - Peppa Pig and some others which are simple for them. Our group of friends also speak Cantonese, so it helps too. :D

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