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  1. Anyone know of any sites that stream Cantonese dubbed Anime? Thanks -J
  2. She likes American shows like The Flash. Don't like anime or princess shows. I'll keep looking.
  3. James

    Just had a baby!

  4. I am trying to get my 12 year old interested in watching drama series. I am looking for recommendation with shows that are age appropriate and engaging in Cantonese Thanks -J
  5. Sharing is caring
  6. James

    Introduce yourself! 介紹自己!

    Hi, My name is James. I was born in HK, but left there when I was 8 to Brazil. At 11, I came to the USA. My primary language is English, and my Cantonese is as good as an 8 year (MAYBE). I have 2 kids ages 10 and 9 who I have been trying to teach them Cantonese since they were born. I have enrolled them into Cantonese school once a week on Friday evenings. During each night, I work with them in homework and practice chinese writing. However, I am very limited in what I can teach them in spoken Cantonese. One of my wishes is to be able to get to the point where they can hold simple conversational Cantonese. I am hoping that with cartoons or media that are interesting to them can assist with providing the volume and exposure to the spoken language. I will contribute as much as I can to the collection and hopefully we all can benefit from it collectively.
  7. James

    Doraemon Cartoons 多啦A夢

    Unfortunately the videos on those links are no longer available. This person also have a lot of video. https://www.youtube.com/user/carolying/videos

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