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  1. TTY

    Introduce yourself! 介紹自己!

    Hi Florence, Thanks for the tips and link. I've come across Sagebooks in passing but not sure if I'm the person that should teach my kids ... Do you recommend them? In any case, let me PM you, in a bit, with # etc ...
  2. TTY

    Introduce yourself! 介紹自己!

    Hi Florence, So nice to receive your message! We are not too far from you, in midtown. Kudos to you for providing such an enriched language environment for your son. How did you decide on teaching both Mandarin and Cantonese when teaching him Chinese? Does it help with the metalinguistic awareness (fyi: its the first time I've heard of this term, so thank you for sharing that with me)? Do you read to him in Cantonese? If so, do you convert the text to spoken Cantonese or try to use literary Cantonese? I struggle with this as well, as I am not sure what is best or appropriate for my son's age. We were also not sure if having a single language at home in the early years was better or to have the one parent, one language approach. We hope to give him daily exposure to cantonese/chinese text, somehow, but again, still trying to find out what is best and what works. Right now, cartoons is the only thing that we are sure will get his attention. We are likely registering him for Saturday classes at MonSheong, but we know just having the one day of classes is not enough. Are you going to teach chinese to your son, yourself? Nice to meet you, Tina
  3. TTY

    Introduce yourself! 介紹自己!

    Hi, Hello to everyone from Toronto, Canada! We are overseas Cantonese Chinese with two kids, 3 and 1. I am essentially literate (tho learned everything overseas, so it's not solid) and essentially fluent (tho I do find it difficult crossing between canto and english smoothly). Their father is a typical overseas cantonese with limited language skills, but trying. We want our kids to feel a strong connection to cantonese chinese and enjoy all it has to offer. We are struggling to decide how best to structure the home language environment. We are trying to have a cantonese immersive home, but since English will soon dominate their life at school, we not sure how long we can keep it up or if there are any tips/successes anyone has? Thanks for putting this site together! Tina

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