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Bilingualism Workshop April 2018

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Bilingualism Workshop – raising a bilingual child


A 1 hour 45 minute workshop for parents with babies/children between 0-3 years on Sunday 22nd April 2018 at King's Cross 10:15am-12:00pm (venue TBC).


What we will cover:


· Bilingualism benefits: improved cognitive ability and other psychosocial benefits for children growing into adulthood


· Dispelling bilingualism myths: children won’t get confused between languages, what language code switching is and what we can do


· Scientific research: current clinical and scientific evidence of the effects of bilingualism


· Parent child interaction: skills and strategies to adopt with a child to foster bilingualism into adulthood




Sunday 22nd April 2018 between 10:15am-12:00pm at King's Cross (venue TBC).


My qualifications and experience


I'm a qualified bilingual Speech and Language Therapist with a specialist interest and passion in bilingualism. I have two children – a 6 year old boy and a 10 month old baby girl. I brought up my 6 year old son to speak Cantonese, Mandarin and English, and speaks each language fluently.


I have worked with children for over 12 years (0-18), and adults with acquired brain injury, mental health and learning disabilities for the last five years. I’m an absolute language lover having studied French, German, Japanese, Cantonese, Mandarin, BSL and Makaton and have a fascination about languages and the brain.




If you are interested then please contact me at pll.tsai@gmail.com to book a place, stating Bilingualism Workshop.


Couples: £60

Individuals: £50


Limited spaces available. Concessions available.


Children are welcome at the venue but there are limited places with an experienced child helper who will help entertain the children in the same room.




Specialist Speech and Language Therapist

MSc UCL, BA (Hons) Warwick, HCPC, CertMRCSLT

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Testimonials from the last session (January 2018):


"Your seminar was so useful and surpassed our expectation! We love the evidence-based approach and all the tips you've given us, both as a professional and a parent in similar situation. In fact, we have many friends who are multilingual couples and I would recommend you to all of them."


Dr Lucita Yuen and Dr Bobby Nicholas

Languages Spoken: English, Cantonese, Mandarin, French



“It was great to have the opportunity to explore this topic from a very family focused personal perspective. I found it highly motivating to meet others who acknowledge minority language acquisition is not just going to happen, who seem to understand how important it is and how challenging it can be. Learning other families' stories was fascinating.


Pui Lai's delivery was pitched just right: the authority of someone with the facts and theory but the practicality and realism of someone there in the frontline living it! She created an atmosphere that was encouraging and authentic.


Overall, the workshop helped reignite my enthusiasm and help my husband and I regroup and revisit our family's strategy with renewed fervour. I couldn't help but think this was the start of something and I'm hoping for more similar workshops looking at next steps after the goal setting stage with more shared ideas and experiences.”


Dr Helen Yang and Dr Dean Yang

Languages: English, Mandarin



"Your seminar was very insightful into bilingual and its different methods. We enjoyed the evidence-based approach and breakout sessions which helped us understand the methods we could apply in learning. I would recommend the seminar to anyone who wants to gain an understanding of becoming bilingual."


"We found your workshop very helpful and it was enlightening to see that there were other families that had similar concerns in raising bilingual children. Shame we couldn't have stayed longer to chat to other people. I thought the workshop was very informative. I personally would have loved to listen to more."


George Sillibourne and Yen Tsang

Languages: Cantonese and English



"The workshop was great. It is good for us as parents to be prepared what are the common matters that would happen to a bilingual child. And also useful to know some of the approaches in introducing different languages to the child."


Pinliong Liew and Pooi Yee Yong

Languages: Malay, Cantonese, Mandarin, Hakka, English


"We attended a bilingual workshop hosted by Pui Lai to see whether what we were doing was the correct method to go about teaching our children additional languages. The workshop was interactive and informative, plus as we came with our children, Pui Lai had help on hand to keep them entertained whilst the adults concentrated on the work shop. The workshop reassured us in what we knew and also gave us an in depth look into "bilingualism" as a whole."


Pui Fong Leung and Peter Ting Fung Leung

Languages: Hakka, Cantonese and English

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